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Crocbox You Will Practice More

The CrocBox is the world’s first buried multisport net. The CrocBox is so unique it has an international patent pending.


If golf is your sport of choice, the Crocbox will suit all of your practice needs!
At 7 feet high by 10 wide (when fully extended) we have a hitting area 20% larger than most nets on the market, so feel free to swing away!

With our design you only need one ball, the CrocBox will return the ball to you!

  • Drive: Need to work on your full swing? The Crocbox is ready to absorb your golf balls and let you keep practicing without having to wander the green.
  • Chipping distance Fine tune your chipping mechanics by practicing at a variety of distances from the Crocbox net, our extra large net has you covered.
  • Putting practice: Work on your puts with ease, the Crocbox net is designed to roll every ball back to you so that you can keep on putting until you get it right!
  • Grip work: Need to refine your grip? You can change up your hands every swing while the Crocbox rolls the golf ball back to you so you can try again until you're satisfied.

It is without a doubt the most durable, long lasting, US made sports net on the market today.

We refused to compromise on quality and durability, in order to give you the best possible product.

2 Product Goals

Product Goals

  • It is easy to use. (Up and down in less than a minute!)
  • It is tough.
  • It is invisible when not in use.

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Golf Net For Schools and Universities

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Easy Installation, Set Up, Tear Down and Maintenance

Not only is the CrocBox net great to practice with, it is very easy to use and install. For more information on the installation process, click here.

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