Why Choose the CrocBox

The CrocBox is a revolutionary product in the sports net market. Made completely with U.S. steel, the CrocBox is the solution to all your sport’s practice needs. The CrocBox is designed for use with golf, lacrosse, baseball, softball, field hockey and soccer. After a simple installation, the CrocBox is the easiest and most durable net on the market.

The CrocBox is ready to go in 45 seconds and you’re practicing or just having it fun. When you’re done, the CrocBox folds down in 45 seconds and becomes virtually invisible. There is no maintenance involved with the CrocBox. Bury the box, close the lid when not in use and forget it until the next practice session. No more moving the net. No more weather damage. Just mow over it and leave it there all year. One net to replace them all.

Easiest net on the market

Up and down in 45 seconds or less. Plenty of nets advertise "ease of setup", but its simply not true. Practice when you want to, without the hassle.


The CrocBox is made with steel and is powder coated to avoid rust & corrosion. After proper installation, this revolutionary sports net will serve you for years to come.

Easily replace the netting for a super inexpensive boost to longevity This system will last decades.


Once installed, the CrocBox will virtually disappear. Lying in wait, all year, season after season, ready for you to practice whenever you want. Mow over it and forget it.

croc box  for all sports practice American Made

American Made

CrocBox is made with American steel in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Homegrown idea built by a homegrown manufacturer, Benco Technology LLC.

No Maintenance

Bury the CrocBox and walk away. It is designed to withstand all weather conditions and maintain a water tight seal. Mow over the enclosed sports net like it is not even there.


Replace all sports nets in your yard with the easiest sports net on the market. The CrocBox can handle any sport from golf to baseball to lacrosse. You name the sport, and yes, you can practice with this net!

The Crocbox Sports Net
 | The Crocbox Sports Net

Our net system combines ease of use and convenience with the ability to all but disappear.

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Replacement Net
 | Replacement Net

Our net system combines ease of use and convenience with the ability to all but disappear.

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Side Panel Netting

Side Panel Net

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